Embracing New Ways of Seeing, Hearing and Relating

By Charlotte A. Tomaino

How do you Own your own Wisdom?

Relax into your KNOWING the gifts of your Wisdom and sit with the questions until they answer themselves. As you reflect you can write key words to respond to each question.

What can you acknowledge to yourself as a source of wisdom you have gained?


What can you acknowledge that you KNOW as your perspective from your life experience?


In what aspects of life are you confident, feel grounded and able to ‘hold your own’?


Be specific about what you KNOW and by doing so, identify, acknowledge and accept your unique perspective.


If you are unsure what area of your life experience to reflect on, you may want to review the Jubilee Inventory and see what resonates as an attraction for your greatest growth.


How do you Ingest your own Wisdom?

Take one area of Wisdom you have achieved and consider the implications of who you are now because of that growth. How did you originally perceive the world? What did you feel emotionally and think of yourself and others? How did all that change over the years?

Identify the areas you are confident about and consider how you might become this more fully.


Where does this Wisdom and confidence have a place in the world?


What would you enjoy most in embracing this Wisdom?


Who would also enjoy and benefit from your sharing your Wisdom?


How do you Digest your own Wisdom?


With Digestion we assimilate into who we are the rich Wisdom which nurtures us and furthers our growth.


Who would you become if you lived from the Wisdom you have gained?


How would you live if you lived from the Wisdom you have gained?


What would you have to say if you lived from the Wisdom you have gained?


What would you Love and get out of bed in the morning looking forward to if you lived from the Wisdom you have gained?


Where would you engage and contribute if you lived from the Wisdom you have gained?


The areas of my greatest Wisdom are: The joy I experience when there is opportunity to engage my Wisdom feels like:


Other have benefited from my Wisdom when:


2 Responses to Embracing New Ways of Seeing, Hearing and Relating

  1. Georgia Kosciusko says:

    I have spent several hours now writing my responses to the wonder-filled questions posed. I have in the last year opened to the cosmos as a whole living being with awareness and connection with every cell in my body and beyond. What is known in cosmology is that all is one. Like an archeological dig this exercise helped me find new connections within my body to the foreign life that keeps we humans alive and able to eat and more significantly to the universe and its complete sacredness.

  2. Charlotte Tomaino says:

    Dear Georgia,

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful journey you are on; The journey of the heart and soul which is both the guide and the source of fulfillment.

    With Love, Charlotte

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