Own, Ingest and Digest the Harvest of Your Own Wisdom

By Charlotte A. Tomaino

May, 2016: Integrate and own your accomplishments and learnings to form a new sense of yourself

What is an Integrated Mind? All of us have had boredom, peak experiences and dark days, but what is it to really integrate into the mind with which you see the world, the learnings from those experiences? How do we evolve from our childhood notions to achieve greater Wisdom and insight into ourselves and the world? How do we bring together these many and varied parts of ourselves? We are emotional, physical, intellectual, social and spiritual beings. At times we see the world from separate minds dominated by our immediate habits or needs contained in any one of these parts of ourselves that are asking for attention. Can we step back far enough to see the whole of where we have been and what we have learned? Can we move further into doing what we Love and give the deepest gifts?

Let us consider our lives together once again on this Jubilee Path. Lets discern a future and look for the next call. Can we Own, Ingest and Digest the Harvest of Our Own Wisdom of these 50 years to then live from an Integrated Mind? Can we engage in living a lifestyle that contains the Wisdom we have learned about what it is to be healthy and fulfilled emotionally, physically, intellectually, socially and spiritually? Can we embrace a future where there is a desired ‘death with dignity’ to old thoughts, behaviors and emotions that are no longer good for us? Can we achieve physical, cognitive, social and emotional wellness as so many claim (use it or lose it) is possible these days?

What have you harvested from your many and varied experiences that can identify the richest areas of your life to Own, Ingest and Digest your own Wisdom? This is the final phase of life we are going into and the big opportunity to ‘reap the fruits of your labors’. Do you want to use this opportunity to get it right for yourself and be able to pass it on or point the way for others?

And what about spiritual growth and transformation? Is there really such a thing as Mystical Death, Mystical Sight and Mystical Rebirth in the ever evolving spiritual journey that allows for such integration, expansion and maturation to have an Integrated Mind and see all of life with the eyes of Love and the Soul? Can we together continue to expand on the spiritual calling we all first came together to follow? Can we here and now embrace a path to more often live from the heart and soul rather than the practical, physical consciousness of daily life? And, is that actually the key to love, health, wealth and happiness?

To Own is to recognize and identify with what you know about life for you. The hard won knowledge that resonates deeply as your truth. To sit with and acknowledge what you have seen in others, experienced yourself, discovered over time and what you now KNOW in your bones.

To Ingest is to apply what you KNOW to yourself, consider what it means, identify the implications of your awareness and formulate how your knowledge calls you to ‘The More of Life’, which awaits your embrace and is yours alone.

To Digest is to make a choice to begin to live daily in the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that are the right match to you now, releasing with dignity what was and embracing what can be. Choosing new practices of thought, prayer, and behavior that are fulfilling is to step into and become what you KNOW.

Are there things you have learned but you have not put into practice for yourself? Are there insights that call you but you haven’t yet answered? Have there been community efforts that interest you but you haven’t made time for? Is there an instrument you want to learn to play or dance steps that you want to move to? Is there knowledge that you have achieved but you haven’t shared yet? Does it come to mind, at times, that someone specific would benefit from your perspective but you haven’t yet offered? Are there talents you enjoy that you want to contribute to your family or friends? Are there places you want to take your grandchildren to show them the world from your eyes? Are there activities you love because they make you feel great?

Are you ready to Own your own life experience even further, Ingest and let in its value for you and Digest the nurturance, strength and expanding nature it offers to you so you further live from your harvest? Consider these words and listen to the voice within.

We … stand at an evolutionary juncture, led by an unspoken yearning we’ve felt in our bones since childhood: a longing to be somehow more than we are. This deep human desire – whether to love more completely, to be more whole, to live in peace, or to come face to face with the divine – propels us on an inward path toward an unknown … this unknown marks the conscious emergence of a Love that is qualitatively different from the one that we think we know. To engage its energies is a collision, a radical break in continuity with the familiar. Such a Love conflicts with old structures of mind, old beliefs, and old behaviors; it entails a new orientation, new ways of seeing and hearing, and an entirely different way of relating – to everything.  Anne Hillman, Awakening the Energies of Love

These Reflections follow: “Embracing New ways of Seeing, Hearing and Relating” and “Own, Ingest and Digest your Spiritual Enlightenment.”

Pick one reflection to choose your Wisdom.

3 Responses to Own, Ingest and Digest the Harvest of Your Own Wisdom

  1. paul gargone says:

    thank you

    • Janice McLaughlin says:

      I think that what I want to own is gratitude for the people in my life; the places I have been; the hardships I have overcome; and the openness to keep learning and growing.

      Many thanks for the helpful guide to reflect and to keep growing, no matter what our age or situation in life.

      • Charlotte Tomaino says:

        Janice, thank you for formulating that so clearly. We may know that gratitude and love are the states of greatest fulfillment but getting to it and continually engaging this in our awareness is our challenge. The world is always capturing us with some other thing to react to or worry about. Yet, it is only by what you say here that we move forward in the stream of consciousness that will continue to fulfill and replenish us to move forward.
        Thank you and much love, Charlotte

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