Harvest the Wisdom of Your Life, Part II

Reflection Fields to Harvest

By Charlotte A. Tomaino

Select three reflection fields that call to you and
pick the low hanging fruit,
gather the crop, climb to the heights
or dig deep in the earth of your self
for the Wisdom that you alone have planted.

What have you learned about relationships? Some have depth of soul, loyalty and sustaining power. Some relationships challenge you to grow. Some relationships are fun but have a limited purpose and can go no further. Some relationships just don’t work out for anyone’s benefit and are best left alone. Have you learned to tell the difference before getting too involved and running into disappointments?

What have you learned about the gifts and challenges of family? Do you know when to contribute and when to let go? Have you formed realistic expectations or are you still getting let down or offended? Do you take joy in the achievements and development? Do you contribute the power of your Wisdom, Love and Belief in others in a way that draws out their best self?

What have you learned about caring for your body? Do you care for your body daily, creating the wellness it is capable of by providing the right nutrition, hydration, exercise, sleep and inspiration that it thrives on? Do you turn that job over to someone else and go to the doctor or therapist for them to return you to wellness? Do you change your habits and lifestyle as your body says no, stop, too much or yes, more? Are you listening to the ‘call for wellness’ that comes from your body?

What have you learned about your soul / spirit? Have you found meaning that makes sense to you? Do you reach for ways to be uplifted and inspired? Have you found ways to access grace when it is needed? Do you know how to reach for guidance within? Are there saints, sages, masters and guides you follow to learn and expand? Do you have friends and partners on a soul level who share the deep sustaining discoveries? Do you make time in your day to elevate your focus and awareness and be uplifted?

What have you learned about your interests and passions? Do you know what is most uplifting and satisfying for you? What information do you follow as it unfolds? Do you follow science, politics, community outreach, church activities, technology, new thinking about health, God, insights into nature, horticulture, theology, world events, entertainment, food, fashion, remodeling…  What are you curious about and enjoy knowing the latest developments and discoveries as they unfold? What gives you the zest for life which calls you out of bed again each morning?

What have you learned from your formal education and how have you used your knowledge? Did your education teach you something you used or did it’s challenges shape you for things to come? Did your education continue over your life and did you learn to love learning? What do you want to learn today?

What have you learned from your career and life experience in the world of work? Did you love what you did at work? Did you work mostly to contribute financially to those you love? Did you have jobs you did not love but found a way to make it purposeful? Who did you become because of the work you did?

What have you learned from Love, Friendship, Partnership and Community that enriches and sustains you? Have you found yourself to be better, happier, smarter and more effective because others were there with and for you and you are there for them?

What have you learned from your own chosen practices? Did you learn to develop a life style or routine that enhances your wellbeing physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, intellectually? What are the best practices you have done?

What have you learned from asking and receiving or giving and nurturing? How do you operate with others and how broad is your way of being with others? How is your style good for you and good for them? Can you give and receive when the time is right?

What have you learned about your own greatest talents and joys? When did you experience them and how have you sustained them? What were your talents and are you still using them? What are your joys and how can you engage them?

What have you learned from your own greatest sorrows? Did you find the ‘pearl of great price’ in the muck of the unwanted, painful parts of life and grow despite the circumstances? How did you do that? What did you learn? Who did you become from persisting?

What have you learned about your ability to ‘make life Sacred’ (both your joys and your sorrows)? Can you bring your heart and soul to life’s joys with gratitude and to life’s sorrows with prayer and grace? Have you learned to ‘see with the eyes of the Sacred’ and find the holy within it all?

What have you learned about your unique contribution
to this world over the last 50 years
and how the world is a better place
because you have been here?

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