Own, Ingest and Digest Your Spiritual Enlightenment

‘Fake it until you make it’ is a common mantra today. But the opposite is what we seek. Getting in touch with deep KNOWING and certainty that can guide you through complexity is a spiritual enlightenment for the integrated mind. Is there a Mystical Death, Mystical Sight and Mystical Rebirth? What does the word Mystical mean? How does this happen in our lives?

Mysticism is “the science or art of the spiritual life, the innate tendency of the human spirit towards complete harmony with the transcendental order” Evelyn Underhill

 The Christian of the future will be a mystic
or will not exist at all     
Karl Rahner

 Mystical Death

 Unless and until we grasp the inner core of evolution
as death and new life,
we will continue to spiral in violence and fragmentation 
Ilia Delio

What were the earlier spiritual beliefs, images and experiences from your childhood and youth that no longer inspire you and you have outgrown?

When did you let them go, or when did they no longer nurture you?

Did you replace them or is there a void to be filled?

Mystical Sight

“In mystic states we become one with the Absolute
and we become aware of our oneness”     
 William James

What spiritual insights, experiences or revelations have come your way over the years?

When did LOVE touch you?

Recall the most important moments of insight and Aha!, growth and expansion that moved you to a new path.

Consider when you saw an unexpected outcome of an event and realized a powerful new insight.

What spiritual practice most readily brings you to a connection with your heart and soul for inspired guidance?

When do you use spiritual practices to expand your life?

Recall a time when you allowed new insight to grow within you and then stood firm in a new perspective from which expansion emerged.

Mystical Rebirth

The physical structure of the universe is Love   T. de Chardin

 The success of humanity’s evolution will not be determined by ‘survival of the fittest’ but by our own capacity to creatively converge and unify
T de Chardin

The Christian is one
who is connected through the heart to the whole of life…
called forth irresistibly by the Spirit
   Ilia Delio

What evolution have you experienced over these 50 years?

What would you be seeing, hearing, or doing if you reflected on and lived from the Wisdom you now have?

What transformation would you see in yourself and your life by moving into living from this new perspective?

What does holiness mean to you now?

How do you pray and where does it take you?

What has Grace looked like in your life?

Where has your spirituality manifest in your life events in the most obvious and effective way?

When and where does LOVE rise from your heart and you are guided by Grace?

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