Questions to help YOU recreate your sense of identity

By Barbara Cody Smith

In preparing this reflection, with Charlotte’s help, I have focused on the areas of my life which hold the greatest attraction and joy for me – my family, close friends, my work with elementary school children in my neighborhood school.

The questions that I have posed in the reflection above, are questions which I need to ask myself over and over.  In doing so, I am beginning to see more clearly  how  family relations can change, how my work as a volunteer can evolve, how I can be a loving, but not invasive presence for my sons and their loved ones, how I can more intentionally reach out and be open to new friendships.

Based on what we have learned from Charlotte’s reflections, I invite you to think about the areas in your life which are most important to you, and develop the questions that you need to ask yourself, so that you can continue to recreate yourself as the person you most want to be.

  • Who am I as an Elder? How does this role play out in the different areas of my life?
  • What skills am I able to impart to others?
  • Where have opportunities been available to me to share my experience, opportunities which await my response?
  • Who do I want to become in my relationships and community?
  • Where do I find joy? What engages and invigorates me?  What brings the spontaneous smile to my face?
  • What makes me want to learn something new, or respond to a new challenge? What gives me the thrill of discovery, or the “aha” moment of new understanding?
  • Am I able to allocate my time in ways that nourish and enrich me? What, if any, changes would I like to make?
  • Where do I experience peace in my life? Can I expand that peace to other areas of my life?

Your life is yours to create

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