Questions to Engage Your Focus on a New Calling

By Kathy Sieb Vargas

Close your eyes and sit quietly for a few moments…..  Imagine that you are the universe.  See that everything within you is connected, every star and galaxy…. Look at our tiny solar system within you that contains planet Earth and all her beauty.  Imagine her mountains, her seas, her rivers and forests and consider the myriad of creatures that make their home here in different ecosystems….  Notice how everything is connected, that in this vast Mystery all is one – and notice that it all resides within you.  Allow yourself to be swept up in awe.

  1. What do you find affirming in the reflection? What do you find challenging?
  2. How do you describe or image God? Does this view of creation and evolution change how you think about God?
  3. Does it change how you think about yourself and those to whom you are connected?
  4. Consider the quality of your connectedness to:
  5. – your spouse or partner
    – family members
    – friends and colleagues
    – excluded or marginalized people
    – the biosphere in your immediate area/ in your country/globally
    – those who produce food/items you buy and use
    – people who exercise political or economic power which limits or enhances your connections

  6. How do you perceive them? What does the Spirit want you to see? Where is the Spirit inviting you to grow?

Sit with the feeling of these questions
longer than the time it takes to answer them

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