Questions to “Consider Possibilities” – Past, Present and Future

By Irene Wong

As you consider the possibilities you have encountered and the choices you have made since that first decision to enter Maryknoll in 1965, there have been many more possibilities that have called you forth. Trial and error is all about discovery. Maybe we should call it trial and discovery because there is usually some part of every possibility that is not an error, especially if the lesson is learned and we grow with the discovery.

Have you reflected on the major possibilities that you chose and followed over the years? Have you examined your expectation as well as the outcome to now acquire the wisdom that perspective offers you? Was there a point when the possibility you were reaching for was completed and it was time to move on?


What if I had not responded to these possibilities?
Would I have discovered my short-comings, weakness, & capabilities?
Would I have known what special skill God had bestow on me, what gave me fulfillment, satisfaction & made me happy?   

How about now:

Is there some personal pain you want to heal?
Which path has contributed best to your personal growth?
How did time, energy and money invested in your personal development turn out?
How much happiness & success did you derive from past possibilities?
Is there a specific goal you want to achieve now?
How do you experience possibilities? What do they feel like?
How do you know which ones to follow?

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