Questions to Reflect on: When do I Act on Opportunities?

By Martha Otice

Yes, we are all at a new stage in life in terms of our ‘age’… but is that a reason to hold back our desires?

Do we have a vision that is unfulfilled? If so, we have to entertain those thoughts of what we desire and find ways to make it happen. Don’t say no or it’s too late.

We have to replace fear with curiosity. Who are the partners for you on this path, and how will you journey together?

Thinking and rationalizing too much will become a problem. We stay in the ‘thinking mode’ and never put a small action into place. Small action is the key… it doesn’t have to be something ‘big.’ Do one small thing toward your goal and before you know it, you are in the midst of change… Amen….

Do you use your intuition/gut feelings or do you ignore them? Intuition is a major trigger for ‘spotting’ opportunities… we feel.

We have to be willing to turn a corner, maybe take a side road, but then come back to the main highway with new insight, perspective or skill.

Remember, we are Maryknollers. We never give up. There’s always more to do…

One Response to Questions to Reflect on: When do I Act on Opportunities?

  1. Paula Grimaldi says:

    Thank you for this, as usual it is perfect timing. What I have found challenging in the process of acting on opportunities is trusting that the”yes”, I do will fulfill me and therfore help others without causing me harm. Having go through a severe health crisis that was partly triggered by burnout from doing too much, I worry that I haven’t learned the lesson and will repeat the process to the detriment to myself. Trust, that I’ve learned the lesson to pick when to say “yes”, more wisely, is my cutting-edge right now.

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