What is your New Story, Born of Vulnerability and Wisdom?

By Georgianna Kern Kosciusko

Are you ready to tell a new story
that comes from what you have learned,
not from what you have suffered?
How have the reflections uncovered your Wisdom
and where do you want to offer your Wisdom?

Reflection Questions to Consider:

  1. What are the benefits that vulnerability seeded in my life and what Wisdom was found through those vulnerable times?
  1. Have I learned resilience for myself and my broader community and vocation by allowing vulnerability its power? Can I be present to life, just as it is?
  1. When I live from that place in myself, what does that look like in my life?
  1. Can I imagine sharing the gift and value of the experience of vulnerability with community, family and groups with whom I’m committed?
  1. Where and when have I been doing this already and where and when will I open further to being present to life, with vulnerability just as it is, bringing my gifts and a new story?

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