Pilgrimage: Arrival

By Charlotte Tomaino

The end of our explorations
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time

Rejoice each day in how far you have come. Return to your beginning with the new eyes developed over these years. The goal of the Sacred Journey is to become as whole as possible. Listen intently and look for the inner light of your own aliveness to guide you.

Sharing the harvest

Have you harvested the low hanging fruit to be able to share?
Have you dived deep in the muck of the past and returned with the pearl to have wisdom to share with perspective, not fear or regret?
Achieving resolution on the past lightens the load and expands the gifts.


Are you ready to let go of expectations of others and be open to the surprises that can delight you?
Can you receive the gifts that will come in simple blessings or profound insights?


Traveling in a state of gratitude prepares you to be open to the additional blessings that await you. The wise traveler carries gifts. Giving them in gratitude brings you deeper in receiving your own unfolding.

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