The Jubilee Inventory

Charlotte A. Tomaino

#2. February 2016: Assess, take stock, evaluate the past.
Taking an inventory:

♦ Introduction

  • What did I choose?
  • What did I plant?
  • What fruits came from this soil of mine?
  • What have I learned?
  • Who have I become?

♦ Defining Choices

  • What Inspiration or Call has come to me?
  • Which calls did I respond to?
  • What commitments did I make? And Why
  • What commitments did I keep? And Why
  • What commitments did I leave behind and what did I discover about myself by doing so?

♦ Maryknoll

  • How has Maryknoll Influenced me?
  • How was my spiritual path shaped?
  • How was my engagement in social action influenced?
  • What did the power of community teach me?
  • What did relationships with strong, intelligent, independent women open up in me?

♦ Emotions

  • What opened my heart
  • What closed my heart?
  • What broke my heart and how did I respond?
  • What choices have allowed my heart to blossom?

♦ Education

  • What education was I drawn to?
  • What information do I love learning?
  • What knowledge do I enjoy sharing?

♦ Career

  • What skills or knowledge did I master?
  • How did I use my talents?
  • Who benefited?

♦ Influence

  • Where did I find my power?
  • How did I use my power?
  • Who benefited from my influence?

♦ Spiritual

  • Where did I find my soul?
  • When were the defining moments of inspiration and realization?
  • How did I find strength and guidance in that inner consciousness?

♦ Love: Receiving

  • Who loved me?
  • Who guided me?
  • Who left me?
  • Who impeded my progress?
  • Who believed in me?
  • Who supported my efforts and encouraged me?
  • Who stayed by me throughout?

♦ Love: Giving

  • Who have I loved?
  • What did love teach me?
  • What has my love contributed?
  • Who have I become by opening my heart?

♦ Family/Community

  • Who has been ‘family’ to me?
  • Who have I turned to?
  • Who have I committed to?
  • Who do I play with?
  • Who do I journey with spiritually?
  • Who have I nurtured?
  • Who are my kin today?
  • How have they challenged me to grow?

♦ International Experience

  • When did I first discover the richness of other cultures?
  • How did that awareness open me to new respect and love for those in other countries?
  • How have other cultures helped me to be more creative and free in my own culture?

♦ Challenges

  • What were the biggest challenges I have faced?
  • What energized and inspired me?
  • What overwhelmed and alienated me?
  • When have I struggled to carry my burdens?
  • When have I been enlivened by my challenges?
  • What mistakes did I make?
  • What did I learn?
  • How did I grow?

♦ Wellness

  • How have I cared for my body?
  • What physical challenges have I faced?
  • How has my body served or failed me?
  • What have I learned?

♦ Play

  • What gives me joy?
  • What makes me laugh
  • What entertains me?
  • What is fun for me?
  • What hobbies bring me satisfaction?
  • What clubs or organizations make me happy?
  • What music uplifts my spirits?

♦ Peak Experiences

  • Greatest Joy
  • Greatest suffering
  • Greatest healing
  • Greatest accomplishment
  • Greatest Love
  • Biggest mistake
  • Biggest loss
  • Biggest disappointment
  • Biggest learning
  • Most profound Peak Experience
  • Greatest source of strength

Who have I become?

We do what we do because it generates an inner state we feel called to: Intuition, inspiration, curiosity, a call, purpose, meaning that brings a sense of happiness and being your best self.

This inventory is for the purpose of discovering,
at this stage of my life:

  • What is most important, meaningful and life-giving for you?
  • What is the cream that has risen to the top?
  • What is worth continuing?
  • What is over and complete and no longer life-giving?
  • What would a healthy and fulfilling future look like?

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