Pilgrimage: Attending to the Call, Preparation for Leaving

By Charlotte Tomaino

The Call – “uncover what you long for
and you will discover who you are.”

We each come for a different reason. The year of reflection is the fertile ground prepared for planting a new future. Listen to the pilgrim in you who wants to explore the heart and soul of this opportunity. The interior journey is all you will take home. Entering a chosen frame of mind with your intention for pilgrimage will shape what you will see, hear and do. Opportunities always await us.

“I will study and get ready,
maybe the chance will come”
Abraham Lincoln

Each of us is different. Some write, some speak, some are silently present, shining a light. Each of us seek differently, some seek healing, some seek growth, some seek service. Preparing for pilgrimage and choosing the destination as a place that represents those who have inspired and guided you, enables you to re-energize and renew that part of yourself once again.

The power of the experience
is not what happens to you
but rather what you do with it.

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