Pilgrimage: Travel

By Charlotte Tomaino

The Departure

 “Imagine the soul’s destination ahead
where the inner doors will open.
Then allow it to draw you forward.”

Now is the time to step into the ideal you seek. The moment of metamorphosis through simple steps of focusing on your own soulful presence, slowing down to savor the presence by observing consciously. First, KNOW you are already prepared by your Jubilee year, then step over the threshold of your home and let go of expectations, ready to be guided and receive on the path you have charted. Leave room for serendipity so you can receive the synchronicities that await you.

The Travel

“As you start on the Way, the Way appears” 

As you travel, the opportunity to put the insight and growth of the Jubilee year into action presents. This is change by choice, not by chance. You now have freedom from the distractions of the daily life that has defined you. You are now in the realm of attentive travel – living from the inner purpose you alone have created. Going from mindless and reacting to mindful and intentional. Slowing down, savoring, absorbing each discovery. Intention – listen to the ‘undersong’ of the emotions and thoughts that emerge and carry you forward.  Going into one’s own unknown, seeking truth, inspiration and the energy that enlivens is the inner process that guides the outer actions.

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